Main means for improving male potency

Viagra, cialis and levitra
Viagra, cialis and levitra

How to improve men’s potency and to keep it

Levitra, Viagra and Cialis – a means of improving potency.
Stimulants for those who are afraid of a next fail.

The rhythm of modern life, with endless problems, stress and conflict sooner or later adversely affects not the best way to male potency. If we add more alcohol, obesity and smoking, then by 40 or 50 years a man can forget about normal sexual life. The potency, only indicator by which the body tries to shout “Help!”. Remember that health must be protected, then all body systems will function properly. Of course, to bring the body into the order requires the efforts, will power and time, and want to live fully now.

 Fortunately, there are medications that can help to solve this delicate problem.

 One of these drugs is Cialis. The active ingredient – Tadalafil. It should be noted immediately that this drug was created to strengthen erections and not to cure impotence, t. E. It is assumed that the man is still capable of excitation. The action of the drug begins after about twenty minutes after administration and ending 36 hours.

Do not worry that the erection occurs spontaneously only at the moment of intimacy with the lady. The most important thing is that Cialis is almost no side effects and is not counter-moderate amounts of alcohol. The fact that this drug is not neutralized alcohol. It can be safely taken with wine or champagne, without which it seldom does a romantic event, which is also important. Cialis is not addictive. Quite a few tricks of the drug to restore normal erections. Cialis relaxes the smooth muscle of the corpus cavernosum of the penis and blood vessels are filled with blood is better, so there is a normal erection.

 The drug Viagra works about as well, though it is based on quite a different active substance, so its use with alcohol is not recommended. Active ingredient – Sildenafil. However, good drug tolerated, both primary and secondary, and receiving the correct dosage. The interesting fact that in Israel it is used in the army, to increase endurance soldiers. It is forbidden to use the drug for people with chronic vascular diseases of the heart.

Levitra – a drug with a similar action. In the role of the active ingredient vardenafil acts, which also relaxes the smooth muscle layer of blood vessels and increases blood flow to the tissues of manhood. By the way, in the trial of this drug, volunteers took part, among whom were ninety men. The effect was stunning. However, before taking the drug, do not forget to go to the doctor for consultation, remember that all individually. The main contraindication to use of the drug are severe violations of the cardiovascular system.

Many people ask, not “unlearn” any organism with time on their own to fulfill their male function if it is constantly stimulate similar drugs. Statistics show that long-term use of the above drugs is absolutely harmless when properly adjust the dosage. Moreover, the use of these drugs has a positive psychological impact on a man. It eliminates the uncertainty in their own abilities. This success and subsequently the brain remembers, even without the drug coitus passes with flying colors. So, if it occurs, and a small dependence, the purely psychological, because none of the above drugs does not cause addiction.

If we consider that men mood depends directly on the sexual life, the quality of his life with these drugs is higher. Of course, if he needs additional stimulation. However, one should consider the fact that these drugs do not increase sexual desire, but simply helps to avoid the “embarrassment” in a moment of intimacy, give confidence, particularly if you are in the third age, or your sex life is irregular. Do not experiment with these drugs out of curiosity or for fun. For a variety of sexual activity, there are many other ways. Significant changes, if you are okay with potency, you will not notice.

Yes, besides, it’s still drugs without consultation with a specialist, it is better not to use. However, this does not mean that healthy men these drugs are contraindicated. No, of course, they can be used almost everything, and especially healthy. Just use them when really, in this there is a need. For example, if you are tired, worried, or simply put in a stressful situation that you are knocked out of the rut, then these drugs will help you to be “on high”.

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