Quit Smoking


finished cigarette on the tableAnyone who has ever smoked knows how hard it is to quit. Kicking this nasty habit requires a lot of patience, determination, and willpower. The first step toward leaving the cigarettes behind happens in the mind. People quit smoking for all sorts of reasons – health being the most obvious one. However, money, social judgment, and bad smell are also reasons enough to quit it.

Once smokers start thinking about quitting, they may hit a brick wall of panic. They can’t imagine their life without cigarettes. They get so attached to them that life becomes impossible without having one with your morning coffee, after a beer or a meal.

A lot of smokers are not aware of the fact that cigarettes are not what they used to be. A lot of chemicals are added to enhance the flavor but these substances also have an addictive trait. It’s common knowledge that the addiction cigarettes induce nowadays may as well be equal to that which heroin does.

Ways to quit smoking

Nicotine replacement methods do not decrease the number of nicotine receptors. What they do is satisfy these receptors while keeping them alive at the same time. This does not solve the problem in the long run. Quite soon, you’ll be reaching for the pack of Marlboro’s.

Quitting smoking requires a plan.

Thinking about the situations when you tend to smoke the most may provide insight into how to avoid those triggers. For example, someone who is likely to have a smoke in stressful situations should try and avoid such situations whenever possible. Others find it hard not to smoke after having a glass of wine or a pint of beer. In that case, try to think of it this way – you are killing two birds with one blow. Don’t have a glass of wine and you won’t crave a cigarette.

Experts say that it is better to quit smoking at once instead of gradually doing so. The process may be painstaking and more likely to push you back into the vicious cycle of repetition. Still, some of those who have gone through the gradual process say that they found this method highly effective. Indeed, after getting reduced amounts of nicotine, your body becomes accustomed to less nicotine until it eventually stops aching for it.

Lastly, learn the difference between physical and psychological addiction! The later is giving you all the trouble. Try and set your mind to it as if it were a simple goal and nothing more than that.

If none of this help, think of your body as a machine constantly trying to flush out all the cancerous substances you keep bringing in. There is no need to highlight the fact that the only person you are doing a favor is actually yourself.
There is absolutely nothing good about cigarettes and enslaving your body in this manner can prematurely lead to the one certainty in life – death.

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