FAQ – Reduced potency

  • Studies which were conducted in recent years, doctors persistently show an increase in the number of men who suffer from problems with potency. If before there are was mostly a problem with men after 45 years old and older, at the moment the disease swept young men also. Consider for the beginning of the most important reasons for the decline in potency.
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What is the potency in fact?

“Potency” as a concept strongly associated with human blood, namely the level of testosterone in it. The actions of this hormone are such that it has an effect on the activity of the sexual life of men. In adolescents, the hormone affects the fact that when starting puberty – is a manifestation of secondary sexual characteristics. To male reproductive system to function normally in the day rather small number of milligrams of the hormone. He is responsible for sexual desire, sperm production, erectile. Testosterone also participates not only in the reproductive system, but also in the muscle, the heart, nerves, excretory organs.

low testosterone effects
Low testosterone effects

Every year there is a decrease in testosterone levels. In the year decreased 2 percent, at first glance it slightly, but closer to fifty years you can lose half of their “sexual.” Testosterone will begin to impact on other systems that lead to health problems more than impotence. Thus, men instead delve into the root of the problem, they are the first decisive reason galloping pressure. Not to recognize their impotence, as a trip to the doctor is usually delayed for an indefinite period. This behavior can not solve the problem, and the body will break the functionality.

Let us briefly examine why men reduced potency. Also built and remedies depending on the cause. Medicine does not use the diagnosis of “potency” because we will use the term “reduced potency.” All men need to understand that there are potency and its degree – high, medium, low. And impotence does not exist, it is not a death sentence at this time. There are important mastering how to improve potency. This approach is of course correct in this issue.

To be always active in sexual intercourse the man should be in good health. With 35 years of diverse factors affecting the body, leading to a decrease in potency. You can find out the factors that influence.

The first factor is an addiction. Smoking a cigarette and drinking with friends, we destroy ourselves. Although we know the harm done by alcohol and nicotine, all exactly we continue to drink and smoke. The second factor has a long sitting at the wheel, which leads to the suffering of nutrient deficiency of oxygen due to impaired circulation in the genital organs. It turns out that the necessary amount of blood does not reach! It may also lead to a decrease in sexual activity gasoline vapor that enters the bloodstream.

Risks are also those who work in heavy industry. It steelworkers, miners. The hard work that also is capable of reducing harmful sexual activity and deterioration of the body.

Men who have extra weight also suffer problems with potency. The cardiovascular system is overloaded adipose tissue, and blood does not fulfill its function fully, resulting in problems with potency. By sex drive cooling sexual contact that occurs in obese men, in the sense they are physically unable to fully cope with the activity of sex.

Psychological factors also contribute to reduced potency. Such factors include stressful job, severe fatigue, family quarrels. Only a comprehensive solution to these problems will help solve the problem.

Tips maintaining a high level of potency. Firstly, it is regular intercourse. As regularly having sex, sperm is produced continuously, thus causing testosterone to work.

Secondly, there is a strong hindrance bad thoughts about sleep, about business, about shyness. We must drive them away, to have sexual relations. To your brain was an assistant in bed, be confident in their abilities and confidence. The brain will pull you, thereby, assuring you of the forces.

For proper nutrition is necessary to watch after forty years and do not forget about physical activity. The food should eat more parsley, fennel, celery. The diet should consist of all the necessary materials.

It is necessary to control the amount of alcohol that you drink. It is also important to stop smoking. And it may take several months and you will have a strong desire to have sex.

These rules will help you to keep their potency for a long time. Even sixty years you will not be disturbed by problems with sexual health. Try to love yourself, work on yourself, and you will be always in the phycical shape as Buda. The high level of potency is guaranteed!