Ben userpicBen, 12:09

  • I have tried many different ED drugs. For sure, tadalafil substance is the strongest one, you can’t compare it with blue pill and others.

Bradley userpicBradley, 17:01

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Beck userpicBeck, 21:03

  • You should check your blood pressure before using Cialis, especially if your age after 50 y.o.

Bill userpicBill, 13:46

  • I had a strong back pain after Cialis pill. Don’t forget about side effects.

Leo userpicLeo, 12:12

  • Cialis 20 mg is the best dosage, no need to increase this dose.

Allen userpicAllen, 18:56

  • I will tell about my experience. I faced Erectile Dysfunction about 7 years ago. First of all, I tried many natural substances to increase the potency, no effect- they didn’t help me at all. Then I started visiting many different doctors, – wasted money. Then I bought viagra pill- it worked, I was the happiest person but in 6 month the effect started to reduce.. as more I used viagra as less effect I had. I has to change the drug and finally tried Cialis. I don’t get addicted to it, as I use it once a week, the effect lasts for 3 days (almost). Before had to use 3-4 tablets of viagra a week, but now only 1 pill a week- which is much better for my organism. Good luck to everyone, thanks!

Allen userpicMurray, 14:58

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John userpicJohn, 03:01

  • I’m afraid to have erection which will happen randomly, for example, at work..

Garrett userpicGarret, 08:42

  • You will not have a spontaneous erection – only when you are naturally excited.

Michael userpicMichell, 17:35

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