Skincare – tips for a better skin


women keeping lemon slicesAs skin is our biggest organ, it comes as no surprise that it needs extra care. Any sign of a health problem is likely to show on our skin so this gives us all the more reason why we should nourish our body inside and out. With proper care, our skin can be rejuvenated and regenerated and all it takes is just a few changes to our lifestyle.


Keeping your skin hydrated around the clock is highly important! It is recommendable that you have a bottle of water at hand whenever possible. Still, overhydration can be dangerous. It may lead to several health conditions. According to the Institute of Medicine, it is only right to drink around 2 liters of fluids on a regular day. Since proper hydration is not an overnight process, don’t overdo it. A gradual change in water consumption will give your skin a youthful glow after only a couple of weeks.


Keeping your skin hydrated on the outside is equally important. Arginine-rich night lotions reduce spots and build collagen while light lotions with a sunscreen should be applied during the day. Proper skincare is particularly important for the area around the eyes since this region is quite aging-prone and gentle. Fine lines and eye puffiness are easily combated with caffeine or retinol creams.


Not only does rest affect our appearance but it also regenerates our cells and boosts muscle recovery. Aim at developing a sleep pattern of eight hours and the whole “beauty sleep” myth will become a reality. A new supply of collagen is produced each time we doze off and thus leading to a glowing complexion.


There is a plethora of nutrients which nourish the skin on the inside and you can obtain them through consuming the right food. Omega-3 fatty acids work wonders for the skin. They prevent the skin from drying and developing redness but on top of it all, they provide a protective element against the UV rays.

Antioxidants found in berries, walnuts, or artichoke flush out the toxins from our bodies making the skin gleamy and supple.
Veggies like broccoli, tomatoes, and bell peppers are abundant in vitamins A. C, and E. In addition to that, lycopene found in tomatoes has an amazing effect on protecting our skin against the damaging outside factors, such as sun’s rays or wind.


Not only do fruit and vegetables nurture our skin from within but we can also apply them on the outside to achieve the maximum results. Bananas, lemon, cucumbers, and cocoa are only some of the ingredients you can add to make a wonderful facial mask. Honey is also said to have beneficial properties when added to the mix. These ingredients can ease the puffiness, combat the dryness and even cure acne.

Our skin can is the one organ which acts as a litmus paper for any health issue we may have. For this reason, it is extremely important to understand the message it is trying to convey and take proper care of it.

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