Weight Loss


Close-up of a woman in sportswear measuring her waistBalancing a hectic lifestyle can seriously disturb our health. One of the first signs that we are way off the track is the moment the pounds start to pile up. If not caused by genetics, obesity and excessive weight are usually caused by unhealthy eating habits, irregular meals, food rich in saturated fat, refined sugar, and so on.

However, deciding to shed the extra pounds is only the beginning. Not only do you need to combine several methods to lose weight but that system is likely to guarantee that the pounds stay off. Losing weight is not only the matter of shedding the pounds but the matter of shedding a whole unhealthy lifestyle as well.

There are hundreds of ways to lose weight. Starving yourself to death should never be an option. Instead, other healthier methods are sure to yield amazing results.

Reduce your appetite

Having healthy eating habits means that you know when and how much food to consume. Spending hours without a single bite until you starve, only to gobble too much food afterward is the worst thing to do. It’s only natural that your appetite will be blown out of proportions and calorie intake may get out of hand once you start eating.The sense of hunger is best reduced by consuming moderate amounts of protein, fiber-rich food, and, of course, water. Ginger, lean meat, fish, and ginger are great for releasing the “fullness” hormones. That way, you’ll feel less hungry and more likely to control the calorie intake.

Weights or cardio?

Both! It’s a common misconception that lifting weights makes us bulky. Everything done in moderation is sure to yield results and lifting is no exception. Like the majority of routines, weight-lifting is a gradual process and has to be done properly. To begin with, lifting weights produces the effect of “after-burn”. This means that even after you leave the gym, your body will still be burning calories. On top of that, appropriate weight exercises for your level will surely give muscles a nice lean look which can’t be accomplished with cardio training.

On the other hand, cardio training has a tremendous impact on our cardiovascular system. Vigorous exercise gets the blood pumping and increases the intensity of the strain on the muscles which, in return burn a significant number of calories.

Weight Loss Tips

  • Eat several small portions of food instead of skipping meals. This will keep the metabolism running and in gear to constantly burn calories.
  • It’s fats and sugar that spoil everything. Avoid food full of saturated sugar (cakes, chocolate) or pastry. Carbohydrates are the worst enemy.
  • Stay hydrated. Having a glass of water just half an hour before meals significantly increases the chances of losing excessive fat.

Remember – it’s all in the mind! Once you have your aim set and clear, the results will speak volumes. The sense of accomplishment after losing only one pound will motivate you to aim higher and eventually change your lifestyle in the long run.

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